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Only Freeware. All the software we list is totally free, without nags or limited time use. All are fully functional even if there is a ‘pro’ version available for a fee.

Our ever expanding list includes freeware image viewers, the best freeware image editing software and the best freeware image creation software, rivaling Photoshop in its capabilities. We also have the best freeware panorama maker, a powerful image collage maker and a stereo photo maker to make stereo images from single or multiple images. NEW – a top quality HDR image maker with the accuracy of HDRShop.

Every piece of software listed is tested by us to ensure it is functional and free. We will provide descriptions of each and feature reviews of selected software, both a current feature review and an archive of past reviews. Our reviewer has more than thirty years experience in the computer software and design fields.

If you know of a freeware program that you would like us to list, please email us and we will check it out. If it is what it claims to be, we will add it to our list and review it. At we will list only totally free software. No Demos, no come-ons masquerading as freeware – only freeware.

At we are constantly searching the web for new software and updates to listed software. When we find them we will pass on the information to you, so check back often. Look for our ‘NEW’ marker to find the latest listings.

Our own FREEWARE image viewer contribution is CDCarousel, a unique approach to viewing large numbers of slides in a gallery-like format, even from a CDROM. It currently can handle up to 266 images. The software is easy to use, consisting of two programs. The first prepares the images, sizing and numbering them. The second is the viewing program. Copies of images are placed in the CDCarousel directory with the two programs. Double clicking Process.exe prepares the images. When processing is complete running CDCarousel.exe displays the images.

Selecting the images to display is fast and easy. Everything is done from the numeric keypad or on a laptop with the number keys, with image selection from thumbnails and a choice of a single image, dual images (right or left), or both. Thumbnails can be selected from 18 groups of 14 thumbnails and any image from 1 to 266 can be selected as a single or dual image at any time. With this system it is easy to create custom slideshows for different situations from the same group of images. Simply making a list of the numbers of the images to be shown makes it possible to display any sequence desired. This can be a valuable tool when used with a projection system for presentations. Best of all, by burning a CDROM of the CDCarousel directory containing the prepared images and CDCarousel.exe, a portable, customizable slideshow can be produced.

Try it out. It’s totally free, no ads, no nagging, no time limit, no spyware (if it is downloaded from us) guaranteed. If you like it tell your friends, if not tell us what you don’t like about it and we will try to fix it. 

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FREE exclusively from CDCarousel displays a directory of images (up to 252) in the manner of a carousel slide projector, except the user can select any slide in the carousel using the numeric keypad. Numbered thumbnails are displayed at the top of the screen. Either a single, full screen image or side by side smaller images can be selected, making it possible to show details of a larger images or a series of related images by changing either of the side by side images.A CD can be made that will provide a portable carousel to use on any computer without installation. The program will start automatically when the CD is inserted, unless autostart is turned off in the host computer.CDCarousel is FREEWARE released under the GNU Public License agreement.Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA
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